The mission of SNACK* (Special Needs Activity Center for Kids and *Adults) is to fill a void for those affected with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and similar disabilities, ages 3-21, by providing unique after- school and weekend programs designed and staffed to address their needs. SNACK* also provides vocational training and supports employment
opportunities and welcomes those with physical disabilities, verbal and non-verbal language abilities, across all socio-economic, race, and ethnic backgrounds. 

SNACK* provides specialized instructional techniques not available in other special needs programs and is committed to never turning anyone away - no matter how challenging their behaviors. SNACK* activity centers are devoted to "Fun, Friends, and Hope," and offer a variety of group and individual activities to provide these children, teens, and young adults with the help they need
to thrive - the opportunity to make friends, have fun, improve skills, and build confidence. 

The CCS grant is used to fund the expenses for the SNACK Adolescents & Young Adults Programming such as equipment, supplies and direct service providers/independent contractor staff who work directly with program participants.