Annual Appeal

Being a good neighbor by assisting local nonprofit organizations is an important part of Columbia's mission. Columbia Community Service is one of the oldest organizations on campus.

Our yearly campaign is a means for faculty, staff and retirees of Barnard College, Columbia University and Teachers College to support soup kitchens, after-school programs, and more critical services, through direct financial contributions.

With the University covering all administrative expenses, 100% of the contributions go directly to services. The grants awarded by CCS are for direct services only, and not for salaries.


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The Red Balloon Day Care Center

The ultimate goal at the Red Balloon is to create a community where very young children are encouraged and challenged to test the waters of life, where their curiosity is nurtured, and their minds are opened to possibilities, all within a safe and nurturing environment. This can best be accomplished through hands-on learning experiences and through play. The process of learning is encouraged rather than the product stressed. This allows the children to try new activities and experiment without the fear of "failure". Finally, the Red Balloon Day Care Center considers itself to be a team and a family. This means the day care center also deals with the needs of parents while training them to be advocates for their children. The Red Balloon takes great pride in the diversity of the school. Part of this diversity is economic diversity. Last year over $70,000 was given out in scholarships to neighborhood families. This allowed nine children who would not have been able to attend preschool to attend the Red Balloon.