Staff & Leadership

CCS Staff

Joan Griffith-Lee
Director, Columbia Community Service
Office of Government and Community Affairs
(212) 854-4288

Honorary Campaign Chairs

Lee C. Bollinger, Chair, President of the University

Thomas R. Bailey, Co-chair, President, Teachers College

Sian Leah Beilock, Co-chair, President, Barnard College

Mary C. Boyce, Co-chair, Provost

Shailagh J. Murray, Co-chair, Executive Vice President for Public Affairs

75th Anniversary Steering Committee


Carrie Walker, Deputy Chief of Staff, Office of the President


Melissa Begg, Dean, Columbia School of Social Work

Liz Braden, Associate Vice President, Human Resource Systems, Planning and Operation, Columbia University

Katie Conway, Vice Dean of Administration and Chief Operating Officer, Columbia Business School

Cammie Jones, Executive Director of Community Engagement and Inclusion, Barnard

Shailagh Murray, Executive Vice President, Office of Public Affairs, Columbia University

Justin Pearlman, Vice Provost for Communications and Engagement, Office of the Provost. Columbia University

Lisa Seales, Vice President for Administration, Teachers College

Susan Smith, Chief of Staff, Columbia School of Social Work

Scott Wright, Vice President, Campus Services, Columbia University